Student Leader Opportunities and Resources

The Campus Race to Zero Waste program and competition provides students and young professionals the opportunity to gain leadership skills while they are helping their campuses reduce waste and increase recycling. Leaderships skills including project management, problem solving, fundraising, volunteer management, and marketing are key skills necessary to host a successful competition and implement effective waste minimization and recycling policies and practices on campus. These skills are also in-demand skills in today's job market and can be shared on resumes with prospective employers. 

Earn NWF’s Campus Race to Zero Waste Leadership Badge

Earn the National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Race to Zero Waste (formerly RecycleMania) badge to learn more about the competition, how you and your school can get involved, and demonstrate your leadership to help your campus compete to reduce waste. Learn about additional NWF leadership certifications.

CR2ZW Activity Guide for Freshmen, Dorm Dwellers, and Student Leaders

This guide is for college and university students who wish to help their school take action to reduce waste and increase recycling year-round. The activities in this guide can also be used to engage the campus community during the Campus Race to Zero Waste (formerly RecycleMania) Spring competition.

NWF Career Center 

National Wildlife Federation’s EcoLeader Career and Leadership Development Center helps high school juniors and seniors, college students, and young professionals explore and map out their own personal career paths and develop the key competencies necessary achieving their sustainability career goals.

Create Your Career Plan 

In this 5-step sequence designed by National Wildlife Federation, students are encouraged to reflect, research and record ideas that will serve as a guidepost in plotting their career plans now and into the future. The plan begins with self-assessment and moves from there in sequence to piece together five building blocks that students can then print as a downloadable career plan. This process can be helpful whether you already have a clearly defined career goal or not.