Plastics Reduction Partner

Become a Plastics Reduction Partner

The Plastics Reduction Partner is a certification program for colleges and universities taking action to reduce the purchase and use of plastics on campus. 

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Become a Certified Plastics Reduction Partner

There are three levels of certification:

  • Bronze (18-48 points): Introductory badge - your college or university is newer to the plastics reduction space, and trying to get the word out about the need for change.
  • Silver (49-74 points): Intermediate badge - your college or university is reducing plastics in practice, and your impact is visible campus-wide.
  • Green (75-100 points): Advanced level badge - your college or university is institutionally committed, and demonstrating leadership in the plastics reduction space as a true change agent.

Certification Framework - Four Action Categories:

  • Build Awareness
  • Support Behavior Change
  • Assess and Implement Operational Change
  • Demonstrate Institutional Leadership

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