GameDay Tips and FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for the U.S.?
We welcome schools from both the US and Canada! At this time, our system is set up to report in standard units, so we will convert any metric data by hand. Please contact us at if you are a Canadian school and would like to participate in the GameDay Challege. 

When will registration for the 2023 GameDay Recycling Challenge open?

Registration will open for the GameDay Challenge in mid-August 2023.

When is the deadline for registration?

November 13, 2023. For registration questions or assistance, please email

What is the Data Submission and Reporting Deadline?

Collection weights and other gameday data can be submitted after completing the GameDay Football Registration Form. The final deadline to submit or update data for this year’s competition is December 8, 2023.

How do I measure attendance?

Simply report the official game attendance shown in the box score for the game.

Can we report more than one game? Which one is counted?

Yes. Schools may report one or more home games. Where more than one game is reported we will use your best result for each category. For example, if a school reports three games and the Diversion Rate ranking is highest from the first game while the best Waste Generation number is from the third game we will use the best numbers for each category even when they come from different games.

Is my school eligible?

Any college or university in the United States or Canada with a football program can participate in the GameDay Football Challenge. If your school does not have a football program but does have a basketball program and wants to participate in GameDay Football activities at basketball games, consider participating in the Campus Race to Zero Waste spring competition, which has a GameDay Basketball competition for basketball programs as well as general campus Waste/Recycling promotions competition.

What are the award categories?

There will be three national awards:

  • Recycling Per Capita (track and report on cans/bottles, paper and cardboard)
  • Waste Minimization Per Capita (track and report on trash, recycling and food organics)
  • Food Organics Per Capita (track and report on organics donated, reused or composted)

Which schools are participating?
Schools are listed on the website as they register during the late summer and early fall.

I need more help! Please reach out to with any questions.