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Compost tea as a solution

Question: I'm in Minnesota, where we have months of very cold weather. Bringing in compost during winter isn't feasible for all residents. Does compost tea help to reinfuse a pile with microbes after winter, or do you suggest other solutions?

We’ve seen mixed feedback regarding the use of compost tea in the winter. It wont harm your compost but its effectiveness may be decreased if the pile itself is not warm enough to keep the microbes active. Well managed piles can still maintain heat in the winter and keep the pile microbially active. To increase the heat, consider making the piles larger – the colder your temperatures, the bigger the pile you will need. Consider adding insulation to your pile (e.g. hay bales around the exterior structure, cardboard, or even snow banks). Building the pile in the ground or into the side of a hill can also help. Natural material or a “compost duvet” can be added to the top for additional insulation. And of course, you must keep adding “fuel” (organic material) to the pile all winter!

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