Save The Food

Save The Food: Inspiring Students to Waste Less Food

Resources to Engage Your Campus About Food Waste

We wouldn’t let a shower run for over 90 minutes, but that’s how much water it takes to make just one hamburger. Now imagine throwing that hamburger out. We may not think we throw out that much food, but every American tosses nearly 300 pounds of food each year. In fact, about 40% of all food in the US is never eaten.

Given the large role consumers play, we must be part of the answer. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Save The Food a national public service ad campaign produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Ad Council to combat food waste from its largest source – consumers, who collectively waste more food than grocery stores, restaurants, or farms.

Download Posters and Other Outreach Materials

Colleges and universities are encouraged to use the campaign materials to help raise awareness about food waste, as part of your RecycleMania outreach or at any time during the school year!


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