GameDay: Basketball

GameDay Basketball is similar to the football-related GameDay Challenge that takes place in the fall. GameDay Basketball compares schools based on recycling and waste minimization efforts made during a single home basketball game during the February and March timeframe of Campus Race to Zero Waste. Schools plan outreach and education activities, and report the corresponding weights for recycling, food organics and trash generated during the designated game.


  • Track Weights for Single Home Game – Choose any home game to report as long as it takes place during the 10 week period covered by the Campus Race to Zero Waste pre-season and regular competition.
  • Two Ranked Categories:
    • Diversion rate – Similar to the main Diversion 8-week category, schools are ranked based on who has the highest recovery (recycling + food organics) as a percentage of total trash, recycling and food organics.
    • Per Capita Recycling – Schools are ranked based on the total amount of recycling collected and food organics composted on a per capita basis using the official game attendance.  
  • Materials Counted – Schools should report weight data for all sources of paper, cardboard, cans and bottles, food organics and trash (if available) during the designated home game.
  • Collection Areas – Schools should report weights for materials generated in areas directly associated with the game including concourse, seating areas, VIP boxes, back of the house concession and tailgate zone (if any).
  • Data Tracking – The same data tracking standards for traditional competition division apply to GameDay Basketball.
  • Results presented at the end –Schools will report weights following their designated game and the overall rankings presented at the end of the competition in early April.